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The Law Office of Philip M. Flanigan, P.C. Medi-Cal Planning For Your Future

Of all the issues you must look ahead to when you’re thinking about your future, one of the most critical is your care. You are likely to need medical care, such as nursing home treatment or even assisted living. Planning for your future care is always complicated, but I can help you through the process.

At my firm, The Law Office of Philip M. Flanigan, P.C., I’ve been an attorney and advisor to clients throughout California for over 30 years. I am a compassionate, experienced guide for clients facing uncertainty in their long-term care needs. I will explain the law and your options to you so you can make the right decisions.

Looking Ahead At Your Health

When my clients come to me about elder care planning, they often have a lot of stress and anxiety. I help soothe those feelings by explaining to them their care options and potential benefits. I can guide you through settling questions regarding:

  • Conservatorships: In California, families must often pursue conservatorship over adults who can no longer care for themselves. These conservatorships can be over just property or all aspects of a person’s life.
  • Power of attorney: A Durable Power of Attorney grants a person a great deal of authority over your property and person. It is not a Conservatorship, as their choices cannot overrule yours.
  • Advanced directives: Advanced directives are documents that supply guidance to your family on your wishes regarding health care in the case of your incapacitation. They may include a Directive to Physicians or living will.

There are many decisions to make, and I will explain all the legal necessities to you. I can also offer you significant insight into the federal and state-level benefits you may have available

Skilled Guidance. Compassionate Attorney

The medical well-being of the elderly is a highly complicated matter. I have seen how these struggles can create strife and difficulty within families. I’m here to help you keep that from happening. Call my office at 559-282-0232 or send me an email.